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Outstanding Performance of FTM Mobile Stone Crusher

As a kind of particular crusher, mobile crushing plant is nothing like the static crusher. In the closed crushing cavity, raw materials are crushed. Mobile stone crusher is able to lower the labor strength, improve the labor condition of workers, enhance the screening efficiency of coke and decrease the cost for running the coking plant.

By virtue of the particular crushing way, mobile stone crusher is regarded as the top choice for processing the constructional wastes. Known as the NO.1 supplier of mobile crushing plant, FTM Crusher Company equips the machine with six evenly-distributed high-strength gold bars to crush the hard cokes.

To concentrate the crushing power on several teeth points and crush materials in large briquettes and with strong hardness, FTM technicians design the crushing teeth in helix linear. To overcome the moving resistance and effectively protect the transmission and controlling systems, FTM technicians equip the mobile stone crusher with the mobile transmission mechanism.

Meanwhile, FTM technicians adopt the frequency conversion technology into the production of mobile stone crusher. To meet the humid, darksome and multi-dust conditions, FTM technicians choose to seal the hood and enclosure with rubber strip. By doing so, wearing degree of mobile crushers can be lowered a lot.

If you overhaul the travel mechanism of mobile crushers for many times, you will find out that the bearing damages at least once for every year. How to test the failure of travel mechanism? There are two standards. One is the abnormal sound in travel mechanism. The other is the slip and collision of track.

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Outstanding Performance of FTM Mobile Stone Crusher

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