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Название организации: Агротехэкспорт
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Телефон: 10380-044-206-36-76
Описание: Dear Sirs! Our company “Agrotechexport” Ltd. (www.agrotech.com.ua) is pleased to offer You wide range of services in the area of spare parts and agricultural machines providing. We major in manufacture of cylinder liners and pistons, mounted and trailed farming machines, but we also propose wide range of spare parts and aggregates for tractor and automotive machines. Spare parts offered by “Agrotechexport” Ltd. are high-quality goods meant for agricultural machinery made on the territory of the former USSR. For example, such brands as MTZ (Belorus), HTZ (tractor T-150), ChTZ, YuMZ, DT-75, T-25, T-40, Niva, Don, Kolos, Sibiryak, KSK combines; KAMAZ, MAZ, KRAZ, UAZ, ZIL, URAL, GAZ automobiles and other machines with time-proved quality. For eight years of our lifetime “Agrotechexport” Ltd. has held a strong position in the international market. Many companies from America, Asia and Europe have become our partners. We supply only original goods. If You are interested in cooperation with us and would like to have quality guarantee, “Agrotechexport” Ltd. will try to satisfy all Your requirements. To receive more detailed information about our company, please, contact our experts by e-mail alex@agrotech.com.ua or by the following telephone numbers: (+38 044) 455-42-25, 206-36-76 or visit also our official web-site www.agrotech.com.ua
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