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Sand Making Plant Have Suitable Transport Conditions

The large stones enter the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder uniformly for the coarse crushing, after coarse crushing, the materials enter the sand making machine for secondary crushing by the belt conveyor, then the fine crushd materials go to the vibrating screen for screening, the size which is meet the finished products will enter sand washing machine to be cleaned, the cleaned sand is finished products after transported by the belt conveyor;

Have suitable transport conditions: road transport must facilitate convergence to national highways. Sand production line under normal circumstances should be closest to the quarry and construction site materials. Supply conditions : sand stone production line have break roughing problems, but also better to have a reliable power transmission lines as short as possible, where the conditional use of the power supply network, try to use in order to avoid self-built power plants and increased investment and management costs. the size which is not reach the finished products size will return the sand making machine to manufacture again, form closed-circuit for many times. Finished products can combine and classify according to the user’s demand.

The sand machine equipment in the work need to pay attention to, the sand machine drive triangle tape taut force size should be adjusted properly, in order to ensure that the triangle tape power average, double motor drive, both sides should be grouped matching triangle tape, and its every leader degrees as agreement. In the past the sand production can not reach the standard of high quality, this both because, on the one hand, people thought that only play in the sand in the concrete filling effect, weight, as long as more cement on the line, people familiar with the traditional bias, on the other hand, the people of the master limited, sand technology crushing equipment and system of sand blasting equipment efficiency norms can not reach the required standards.

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