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Ways to Increase Output of Straw Pellet Mill

As its name implies, straw pellet machine is a machine used to make the biomass particles. The biomass particles can be used as fodders or fuels. For most users of straw pellet mill, the output is always the first problem they care about. Before using the straw pellet making machine, you should use the mix of bran, fine sand and engine oil to carefully, patiently and reasonably grind the mould for about 30 minutes. Then, you can operate the straw pellet making machine.

straw pellet mill

If you can mix certain amount of oil with raw materials, it will be more effective to increase the output and reduce the wearing degree during the working process of straw pellet machine. Before finishing the working process, you can use the straw pellet mill to suppress the mix of bran and edible oil to make the mould dies fully filled with oil materials. By doing so, you can get the benefits like maintenance for mould, reduction of energy conservation and increase of output at the same time.

It is advisable for you to check the mould before purchasing. During the working process of straw pellet making machine, you should often notice the working condition of mould. If there is something wrong with the mould, you should immediately contact with us for another change. Being awarded the “Chinese Famous Brand”, FTM China Machinery is known as the NO.1 brand of China Mining Machinery.

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